Creative and Innovative Training Based on Digital Material

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The course takes 11 weeks.

Target Qudience

The course concerns all teachers, school principals and technology coordinators interested in using technology in their schools. However, the focus is on the practical and pedagogical use of technology in the classroom environment. To join course you need to access a computer and have Basic Knowledge Skills.

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National Course Ambasadors



Akseniya TİLEVA

Nick Salisbury SCOTT

Participate in this 9-week journey of exploring the world of technology use in education.

Technological tools are rapidly entering schools in the world and an increasing number of teachers are experimenting to use technological tools in their classroom.

However, we are confronted with many of the same questions: What tools can I use for the use of technology in the class? How do I deal with technical issues? How can it support innovative approaches such as technology and personalized or collaborative learning?

This course not only provides guidance in these matters but also provides a forum for your colleagues to learn about and ask questions about in your head.

Throughout the course, take a look at your school of the future, explore 21st century pedagogical approaches, rediscover assessment, discover how you can make your classes fun using web 2.0 tools, realize how you can move instruction out of class with Virtual classroom applications, and discover how you can transfer them all to a plan.

The course is English. However, you can easily access translated Bulgarian, Italian, Slovak, and Turkish text, and you can watch videos in subtitles for the same languages. If you have any problems, you can contact the consultant of your country.

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