Welcome to DMCIT Academy

The DMCIT Academy is a platform for all teachers to learn about "innovation at school and in the classroom" through online professional development courses.

We want to create an environment where you can find new ideas relevant to the development of 21st century educational environments, discuss these ideas, and have an opportunity to share your experiences and ideas with your colleagues.

If you join this course, you will feel strong and excited to interact with your colleagues and try new things in your classroom. We rely on your participation and feedback to accomplish this project.

So please use this opportunity, learn with your colleagues, get in touch and let us know. We look forward to seeing you!


Remember, our students are our future.Unless we revive the spirit within each student, our educational activities are no more than training robots.

We must focus on creativity and analytical thinking, reaching the heart of every heart, giving equal opportunity to every talent and working together.

Then let's support their dreams.Join us on this exciting learning journey.

In this tutorial you will see how the 21st century skills are, how you can improve those skills, you will discover different evaluation methods to evaluate the process rather than just the Result, you will see how you can use the web tools to gain 21st century skills.In this process you will have the opportunity to discuss with your colleagues who work in 4 different countries.

Join us to create your class of your future, to share your vision, your ideas and how to make your future class real.


National Education Directorate


Hacettepe University


Hitit University


Mersin State Opera and Ballet


Základná škola Turnianska

Bratislava - SLOVAKIA

Cromwell Junior&Infant School

Birmingham - ENGLAND

İ Circolo Didattico

San Filippo - ITALY

Kindergarten-Mecho Pooh


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